The Winemaker's Posts

"Karen and I just opened our first bottle of your 2012 Syrah. We wanted to share with you how much we enjoyed that bottle of wine and the flood of memories from our visit to Lookout Point. Thank you again for the private tour. We will never forget it!"

Mike & Karen- Seattle WA

How to Order

(509) 949-8804

At Lookout Point, we focus on extracting the most flavor while maintaining varietal typicality. Our amazing grapes are sourced only from top tier growers who are known to maintain a consistency of excellence year in and year out. We want every glass to be as fascinating and complex as it is just plain hedonistic and pleasurable.

George Petzinger, our winemaker, shares his insights from over 15 years of wine making in our posts of Rachis. Learn food pairing tips, how we source our grapes, wine making secrets and of course,  how to best enjoy wine.

Lookout Point Wines can be ordered direct from our winery. We offer our entire lineup of Wines which can be shipped to most states in the US. Special case discounts apply. Click Here for more information.